The making of our website

8 years ago

We agreed this was probably one of the trickiest yet most enjoyable projects we’ve worked on in recent times. Creating your own identity and online presence inevitably turns into a long-winded labour of love, not least because it’s important how you perceive your company to peers and prospective clients.

We had a rough idea on the direction we wanted our identity and website to go in and settled for a layout that most users should be familiar with for ‘version 1.0’.

The process of creating our website followed a tried and tested one known as the 4 D’s – Discover, Design, Develop, Deploy – a process we’re familiar with from our time spent working in the advertising industry.

Comps of the Great Digital website

The design approach was mobile-first to ensure the site works on the smallest screen upwards. This way it ensures all content is accessible regardless of the device the user is viewing the site on.

We spent time looking at statistics for web browser usage in 2016 and decided to limit support for browsers no more than 5 years old. Browser testing was then carried out accordingly prior to launch.

Great Digital on multiple devices

We launched the site ‘quietly’ last week with a tweet and an email to friends and clients. We welcome thoughts and feedback so do get in touch if you have something to say or like what you see. We’re certain our identity and website will stand the test of time for the foreseeable future. And then as we grow as a business and form new relationships with clients and partners alike, our vision for Great Digital will evolve and be reflected online.