Five critical steps before the design phase

8 years ago

There’s a great article in Net Magazine’s November 2016 edition written by Anna Stout that runs through the 5 critical steps leading up to and including the design phase.

So often at least one of these steps – sitemap, customer acquisition, content development, wireframe and then design – is either undervalued or overlooked and this can often cause issues further along the line at the development or deployment phase of a project.

Stout sums up the sentiment of this article simply: “By following this guide you arrive at one step after another with a fully-formed plan of action. Each step is informed by the steps that came before it. The entire process is focused on delivering the most useful and relevant content in the best way possible”.

If you’re involved in the planning or production of websites, email campaigns or apps then we’d recommend you get hold of a copy of this issue and have a read.