Effective email marketing in 2017

7 years ago

The value of email marketing has often been a contentious issue for marketers, but year on year ROI data has proved that this medium continues to be an efficient form of marketing.

We’ve seen the impact a carefully considered and well planned email marketing campaign can have first hand, from working with a number of our clients over time.

One of those clients, The Storage Pod, engage with their email database in response to seasonal trends that demand businesses and households to declutter over the course of the year – new year, spring, end of summer and so on.

We sat down with them recently to set out their email marketing plan for the year and agreed to give their email templates a refresh to ensure they work on all current technology.

There were some great tools available for the job in hand and we used Zurb’s excellent Foundation for Email framework as the basis from which to build our template. The template itself will be used on MailChimp and their slick platform allows developers to upload their code and make editable content areas for marketers and business owners to use the template without prior technical knowledge. Once the template was built we ran it through a series of tests using Email on Acid to check it looks and works great on the wide range of email clients that people use today.

If you’re thinking of running an email marketing campaign but need some help with strategy and email design & development then get in touch for an informal chat.